GridEx was a fictional, non-profit, shipping company in Second Life® which delivered parcels to other residents using a variety of physical vehicles. GridEx was a subsidiary of Vulture Air.


GridEx offered shipping role-play services for transferable items across all mainland continents, and a few non-public estates. Avoiding use of the Second Life teleport system and using a variety of aircraft and trucks, GridEx staff physically moved objects across sim borders. The service was entirely free and residents who wish to avail of the service were encouraged to drop packages into any GridEx drop box for delivery.

Though no longer active, GridEx still maintains a few locations to keep the name alive. Primary offices are located adjacent to Second Norway Lufthavn at the Port of Sletta. This sim is set up as a cargo distribution center with large cranes and docks standing by to unload freighters, while trains stand by to take the goods elsewhere. Secondary offices are located at East River Intercontinental Airport and White Star Airfield. In addition, GridEx also has a presence at Hollywood Airport.

In June 2013, GridEx opened a prototype "GridEx Office" store in Old Willowdale. The stores were designed primarily for communities where local residents will interact with customers in their community. This would be like the local 'Post Office" in that town, picking up and delivering local mail as well as supplying parcels to the GridEx distribution system. The prototype store was deemed unsuccessful and closed in the spring of 2014.


  • GridEx Office Flagship Store in Willowdale.
  • DHC-6 “Twin Otter” (Adventure Air).
  • Bell/Agusta BA-609 (S&W).
  • Chinook (AMOK).
  • DC-10-30-F (Adventure Air).
  • DHC-2 Beaver (S&W).
  • DHC-2 Turbo Beaver (S&W).
  • Eurocopter AS-565 (S&W).
  • MD-500 (S&W).
  • Mi-26P “Halo” (AMOK).

Many Vulture Air pilots still fly the GridEx livery from time to time to keep the name out there.

As of September 2016, the GridEx transport fleet includes the following aircraft: