The Grumman F-14A Tomcat (ICAO: F14 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a supersonic, twinjet, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft. Created in Second Life by Amok Dynamics, the aircraft was based on the real-life F-14A Tomcat developed by Grumman Aerospace Corporation.


The real-life F-14A was the initial two-seat all-weather interceptor fighter variant for the U.S. Navy. It first flew on 21 December 1970 and made its first deployment in 1974 with the U.S. Navy aboard USS Enterprise (CVN-65), replacing the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. The F-14 served as the U.S. Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor and tactical reconnaissance platform. In the 1990s, it added the Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) pod system and began performing precision ground-attack missions. The Tomcat was retired from the U.S. Navy's active fleet on 22 September 2006, having been supplanted by the Boeing F/A-18E and F Super Hornets.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD) with optional helmet display.
  • Animated canopy, landing gear, surfaces, flaps, airbrakes and tailhook.
  • Auto-level (optional).
  • Ejector seat.
  • Moving variable-sweep wing.
  • retractable refuelling probe.
  • Machine-guns, rockets, flares, chaff (Terra Combat System/MCE combat system).
  • Co-pilot controls.


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