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GrunSolutions Monitoring Station Kadic is a Search and Rescue base at Aleksandr International Airport (Specific Region: Svidler, ICAO : SLAI) in Northern Satori, that also doubles as the HQ for GrunSolutions, a Multi-game organization. It serves as the command center for Schakal SAR/EMS and the GrunSolutions Cyber-Meteorology Office.

Active Personnel Edit

The currently active personnel are as follows:

  • Nodoka Hanamura (Rathgrith027) [Schakal Commanding Officer, CEO]
  • Blue Gale (Hillbilliy.mcwinnie)
  • Luca (lucagrabacr) [Schakal Executive Officer, Second Life Division XO]

Aircraft On Station Edit

The aircraft in use at this installation changes depending on operational needs, but will usually be:

  • 1x Shergood-Sikorsky H-92 SAR Aircraft
  • 1x Dani Airplanes Cessna-Textron Grand Caravan Rapid Response Aircraft OR 1x McKeenan-GrunSolutions WP-4 Dragonfly Lag Analysis Seaplane (based on McKeenan Aviation Dragonfly Seaplane)