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HitCorp Emergency Station Lindbay is where HitCorp International and Phoenix Medical Response base equipment for emergency response at Triax Airport and the Village of Lindbay, located in South-Western Heterocera Atoll. Phoenix Medical Rescue operates a Search and Rescue H-92 from this station

The station is in the Village of Lindbay side of the region but primarily services Triax Airport with Fire and Medical Services.

Staff Edit

The staff in the station are HCI Contractors, staff may be shared between facilities and may not be posted permanently at stations.

Equipment Edit

The equipment in this station is:

  • HD Airport 4500 Aerial Fire Truck (08 Sgt. Splash)
  • HD Airport 1500N Fire Truck (01 Little Nellie)
  • Astaro TPF-4 Ambulance (1045)
  • Sikorsky H-92 (Shergood)

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