HLT Helicopter Race Track 001

HLT Helicopter Race Track - Is a civil competition field, having an ICAO of RB01, and resides on Blake Sea - See Entire List

Spijkers & Wingtips - Comanche Racing (in Honah Lee Trudeau Airfield)

--The Course The course is made up a START/FINISH line at the north end of the runway and 10 gates positioned above the sim. After passing thorough the START/FINISH gate, fly through each of the 10 gates before flying thorough the START/FINISH gate to end. Each gate is numbered 1 through 10. They are clearly visible once in the air.

Rez and take off at the south end of the runway, next to the vendor boards.

Accelerate down the runway and pass through the START/FINISH gate at end of the runway

Make a 90 degree turn to the right and climb to pass through gate 1.

Proceed to fly through each of the other gates in order.

After you pass through gate 8, turn and descend to fly through the START/FINISH to record your time

--Notes: Take your time to learn the course, ask if you need any help. Most importantly, have fun and share your experiences.

--Time Board Rules: You may practice in any helicopter to get to know the course. ONLY Comanche times will be official times. All times recorded with helicopters other than Comanche will be deleted