Half Moon Bay Regional Airport (ICAO: SLMB) is a single-runway public airport, located next to Bingo Strait.

Airport Contacts

Manager: Silentbob45

Fire Chief: Matt O'Reilly (Tnick3)

Asst Fire Chief: Christian Haupt (christianhaupt1997)

Landing Advisories

  • Elevation advisory: Airport runway elevation 256 Meters.
  • Single Asphalt Illuminated Runway.

Fire Suppression (AR-FF)

Monitored Emergency Channels:119.200MHZ Blake Sea Control Area, 121.500MHZ Mayday Network, Shergood ELT Alarms.

  • FAA AR-FF INDEX (D) With Index E Equipment Upon Request.
  • Fire Department Operations Contact Matt O'Reilly (Tnick3)
  • Asst Fire Operations Chief Christian Haupt (christianhaupt1997)
  • Number Of Career Staff 10

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

  • Public rez zone.
  • Aviation Fuel Station (Texaco, and Dani fuel).
  • Pilot's Lounge
  • Two Story Terminal Building.
  • Jazz Club on Lower Level

General facilities

  • Large-sized terminal building with:
    • x2 public gates
    • x2 rental check-in desks.
    • Passenger waiting lounge.
    • x3 Large Shop Rentals In terminal
    • x7 rental hangars
    • x4 rental tie-down space
    • X4 Ground Level Heli pads
    • 5 On roof Helipads
Nautilus 1112.125/1050.135 ALT: 21 HDG: 27 (270º) LDA: 200 Exe Air


Currently these airlines maintain a presence and/or have scheduled flights to and from the airport: