Harmaa Susia Airlines (HSA) is a virtual commercial airline in Second Life®. The business operates primarily along the Blake Sea-Satori and Sansara routes.


"HSA's mission is to provide professional service while imprinting amazing experiences in their customers memories."
― Jacob Ronin, Owner of HSA.

Harmaa Susia Airlines ("Grey Wolves" in Finnish) was founded in March of 2014, as a subsidiary branch of Harmaa Susia products. The first main hub for HSA was Second Norway Lufthavn, where the founders of HSA and Eastern Airlines teamed up to share the rented space. Later, the main hub switched to Aleksandr International Airport. During the last few months of 2015 to the end of January 2016 the owner had to take a hiatus from SL®. In that time the Airline died down and was inactive. As of February 2016 the owner is re-vamping everything in the airline and getting it ready to re-open. The current headquarters is at White Star Airfield. The Airline has hubs at Second Norway Lufthavn, Splezta Airport, Baitoushan Intercontinental Airport and Slapdoogle International Airport.

HSA offers free flights as well as options to purchase private flights with full menus and control of the destination. The airline is currently working with a new marketing team to add more options for their services. HSA is one of the founding airlines of the Second Life Airline Alliance (SAA) - an organization which encourages and supports cooperation between its member airlines.


Airports in Second Life® served by Harmaa Susia Airlines include:


As of August 2014, the Harmaa Susia Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft: