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HitCorp International Aviation is a virtual non-profit airline in Second Life®. The airline primarily operates between the continents of Satori, Nautilus, and the Blake Sea.


HitCorp International Aviation is a subsidiary of HitCorp International (HCI), originally a private security organization founded in 2004, and is strongly linked with all HCI air operations, including Phoenix Medical Search and Rescue flights. Effectively, most flight crew are shared between the various branches of the organizations.

HCI Aviation offers free scheduled flights via the Passengers of SL in-world group and is also available for public and private chartered mainland flights. Prospective customers wishing to enquire about the latter services are requested to contact Tatyana Thomas (Taras.Kaliopov), Jessica MacDougal (tesserra.resident) or Sandi (sandflea.lorefield) in-world.

Alternately, HitCorp International and associated organizations can be reached via NorPhone (931) 424-5000, or GridTalkie public channel 424 for Public-to-HCI communication.


HCI s92.png

HCI Aviation aircraft, besides some specialist craft operated for the parent company and it's other subsidiaries, carry the same general paint scheme as most HCI general use vehicles, painted distinctive a black/dark grey with a red stripe, usually shaped reminiscent of a smile on the nose of the aircraft, and octagonal corporate logos in various places. Besides identifying text, most HCI aircraft carry a large ribbon-and-phoenix device on the tail where possible, to aid in easy identification.

Aircrew and groundcrew often wear the dark blue utility uniforms of HCI's Technical and Communications Division, though passenger flight aircrew, and increasingly pilots on cargo and general purpose flights, don a more traditional pilot's attire with dark blue pants (and sometimes jacket), white shirt, red rank stripes, and pilot's cap. Crew working on the tarmac make extensive use of high-visibility orange clothing in addition to their base uniforms.


HitCorp International Aviation is available to travel to all reachable destinations on request, however continents frequented by official passenger flight operations are:

Limited service or expansion efforts currently apply to:

Some specific airports in these continents flown to by HitCorp International Aviation include:


As of April 2016, the HitCorp International Aviation fleet includes but is not limited to the following aircraft: