Second Life Aviation Wiki

interBlake sea islands (ICAO: BSI / IATA: BI / Call-sign: iBsi) is a virtual airline in Second Life®. The airline serves the Second Life® Grid with charter-by-call travel between major airports in Blake Sea, Nautilus, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta V, Sansara, Heterocera Atoll and Jeogeot. Furthermore, interBlake sea islands will deliver a charter-by-call service to the independent estate of Eden & Fruit Islands. 


Founded in December 2015 by JamesDavid Rae is scheduled to offer service rising to the motto 'We fly Second Life'. In July 2016, interBlake sea islands joined the airline alliance group SAA - Second Life Airline Alliance. In August 2016, the airline interBlake sea islands became part of the parent company interBlake travel group. On 1. January 2017 interBlake sea islands finished to exists as a commercial airline completely and will work only as a charter-by-call airline.


It is not the arrival that makes it so enjoyable, it is the before and the journey that gives you the biggest joy. This is why travelling with interBlake sea islands brings you further to what you really want in your Second Life. Joy, Fun, Comfort and CHOICE. See our vast destination list below and choose where we can bring you close TODAY.

Blake Sea 6 airports

Satori 11 airports

Nautilus 27 airports

Corsica 5 airports

Gaeta V 3 airports

Sansara 13 airports

Heterocera Atoll 6 airports

Jeogeot 9 airports (Historic Flight Routes)

Eden & Fruit Islands Estate 6 airports


As of January 2016, interBlake sea islands' fleet includes the following aircraft:



Flight rules for passengers

  • Passengers are requested to remove all unnecessary scripts and are reminded that the pilot is at liberty to refuse to transport any passenger - for any reason.
  • Passengers need to detach AO, scripted hair, any devices for flight or other types; maximum scripts: less 5.
  • Passengers need to revise their Avatar Draw Weight; for that use in the latest Second Life Viewer the following path; Advanced > Performance Tools > Show draw weight for avatars  This draw weight number should be in green colour, but never in a red colour.
  • Passengers have to follow always the pilot's instructions in case of a crash in the sea, and start the emergency protocol request by the coast guard services.