Irelandia Airlines (Irish: Aerline na Hibernia)(ICAO: IRL / IATA: IL / Call-sign: IRISH) is a virtual commercial airline and charter service provider in Second Life®. The airline serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between all major airports within the Blake Sea, Nautilus, Satori and Corsica regions.


"We have a lot to offer our travelers, and our executive class service and famous Irish hospitality is that ‘something different’ we are hoping will appeal to the greater population."
― Douglas Tragonach, Owner of Irelandia (circa 2010) Airlines.[[src]]

Founded in July 2010 by SL aviation enthusiast (and Real Life LSA Pilot) Douglas Tragonach, Irelandia Airlines was first based at New Horizons Airport in northern Satori. In addition to running scheduled commercial flights to most of the major contemporaneous airports, the airline also offered charter air tours to artistic and historical recreations in the surrounding continents.

The airline also operated an 'After Dark' adult service and founded a flight school (practical and theoretical) in November 2010 covering topics of air & ground control techniques, communicating using the 119.200 MHz air control network, the physics of flying in the Metaverse, filing a proper flight plan, and basic manoeuvres.

While Irelandia Airlines continued to maintain a presence at New Horizons Airport until late 2013, the airline had effectively ceased trading. The airline's secondary 'reservation' offices at Antilaghi Regional Airport were the first to shut their doors and the company was presumed to have ceased operating following the closure of their Head Office at New Horizons in late 2013.

New Tail Logo Halfsize

2016 Irelandia Logo Redesign

After three years, Irelandia resumed operations in June, 2016. Tragonach reestablshed service at airports that did not exist at time of closure in 2013. New livery, logo, and a new business plan were implemented. Newer aircraft were added to the Fleet, including mesh and low-prim. The airline will continue some of their original routes of service, with the addition of newer airports in the region.

Original Destinations 2010-2013

Airports in Second Life® served by Irelandia Airlines included:

2016 Destination Additions

Airports in Second Life® currently served by Irelandia Airlines include:

2010-2013 Fleet

From June, 2010 to December 2013, the Irelandia Airlines fleet included the following aircraft:

Current Fleet

From mid-June 2016, the Irlandia Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft: