History_Icon.png This is a historic article about an airport which no longer exists or has been replaced. History_Icon.png

JACKO Field (ICAO: SL--) was a public airfield in the 'Kagechan' region of central Gaeta V.

Landing Advisories

  • Northern and southern approaches have the same runway number.


JACKO Field was equipped with a long, wide runway by its day's standards and had access to the Route 7a motorway constructed north of the facility by the Linden Department of Public Works.

The site was inspected by the Second Life Airport Information Guide on 2/4/2012 and was found to be abandoned and for sale by Governor Linden.


At its height, there were no scheduled services operating to or from JACKO Field, however charter flights may have been available on request.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Access to the Route 7a LDPW motorway.