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Johnson-MacLeod Airport (ICAO: SLJM) is a public runway located in Winter Island region,.

Landing Advisories

  • CTAF: 122.8 ARTCC Group Available if you wish to use it (120.95)
  • Approaches: RW 9, RW27, RW36 (take off only), RW18 (departure only)

Background and facilities

A complete remake of Johnson-MacLeod Airport with very low lag. Huge cargo area, new terminal, new restaurant, outdoor pavilion pub, Dani Fuel, TCM fuel, Shergood fuel, and special RP fuel from truck on request.

  • Restaurant is self serve with two buffets and sit down meals and bar
  • Gaelic and Garlic Bed and Breakfast is now open with two available rooms. Path is right of Gate 2.
  • Cargo area has a forklift and cargo pallet rezzer for rp
  • GTFO Ready. GTFO vendor on site
  • Fully equipped Urgent Care Clinic
  • Fertility and maternity clinic
  • JMWRC Fire Department
  • We monitor Unicom 122.7 Group
  • Small planes (up to Dani 300) park in front of terminal at gates 1 and 2. Large planes up to MA-757, use gate 3 adjacent to cargo area behind terminal (glass walkway at gate 3 to the inside of the terminal).
  • All fixed wing can refuel in cargo area. Rotary wing can also refuel at helipads on roof of terminal.
  • Season changes and related weather for Western North Carolina weather patterns.
    • Snow patches in parking and cargo area are phantom.
    • Snow on Runway/taxiway must be cleared by plow before departure and landing. It is not phantom.
  • Power Point presentations upstairs in classroom on navigation, transponder, and ILS.
  • If you are into full RP:
    • We can fuel your plane with fuel delivery trucks and lines
    • De-ice your wings and prep for high altitude or winter conditions.
    • Can escort passengers to either restaurant or Bed and Breakfast.
    • Stretcher for sick crew or passengers to clinic.
    • Aviation School.
    • GTFO Mentor
    • Food service to your passengers on board while they wait for refueling.
    • Sailing classes
    • MacLeod Academy (RLV) is also on our campus.
    • Demonstrations of many SL Aircraft:
      • Dani, Amok, Adventure Air, S&W, MA, DSA, and others
Blake Sea 1145.128/1060.162 ALT: 650 HDG: 36 (360º) LDA: 215 M Ser Air

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