Japan Airlines (JAL) is a virtual non-profit airline in Second Life®. The airline serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between within the Blake Sea/Nautilus region, with Commuter Flights to various airport destinations.


Japan Airlines offeres charter flights in Blake Sea and Nautilus continents. In hiatus for over two years, the airline restarted activities on July 2016.


  • JAL Fleet.
  • Japan Airlines HQ at Second Norway Airport.
  • JAL Helicopter with harness system.
  • JAL Boeing 737.
  • JAL Boeing 737.
  • Capt. Jose Squeegee and Crew.
  • Debonair H33.
  • JAL DC-10.
  • Japan Airlines DC-10 Cargo.
  • Second Life airline JAL adds the revolutionary Douglas DC-3 vintage aircraft to its fleetGo to Second Life Airline
  • Douglas DC-3 Vintage Aircraft from Adventure Air joins JAL FleetGo to Second Life Airlines
  • JAL Desk at St Martin Airflied
  • King Air C90 Taking Off
  • King Air C90 Taking Off At Sunset

Airports in Second Life® served by Japan Airlines include:


As of January 2014, the Japan Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft:

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