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Jeogeot Airport - also called Larrell E Perreault Memorial Regional Airport - (ICAO: SLXX) is a public skyport free-floating 300m above the 'Tarington' region of eastern Jeogeot.

Landing Advisories

  • Free-floating sky port platform with top surface at approx 300m. Minimum recommended approach for landing 310m.
  • Airport surrounded by phantom rock-walls.
  • Runway 27/09 built on variable incline.


Prior to the arrival of Wright Brothers Regional Airfield in 2014, Jeogeot Airport was the largest aviation facility on the mainland continent of Jeogeot. Jeogeot Airport differs from other skyports (and airports in general) in that it is almost completely surrounded by high sheer cliffs. There are breaks in the cliff wall to the north and the east, through which pilots can land on one of the two intersecting runways.

Upon a successful landing there are Texaco DSA refuelling services available near the centre of the airport and a diner at the south-east corner of the facility which features a range of short order meals. Directly adjacent to the diner is a large hangar building which houses the airport's administrative offices.


Currently, there are no scheduled services operating to or from Jeogeot Airport, however charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.


Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Free aircraft rental.
  • Jeogeot Airport Diner.


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