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Johnson-Macleod Airfield is positioned on a sky platform at 526 meters altitude. Approach is heading north to runway 36L, but it does have a few privacy parcels to cross.

If you dont mind a few extra minutes then runway 9/27 might be easier.


J-M is primarily a crogo hub for GTFO all size planes We have a full service restaurant on the premises for use by visitors.

Gaelic and Garlic Cafe` is a quick stroll from both runways.  Inside the terminal it is in the north end at gate 2.

We have DSA, Dani, and S&W fuel on site.

Feel free to stop by anytime. Our goal is a relaxed atmosphere for people into aviation cargo, but all aviators are wlecome.


We are controlled live on part time basis. Runways are 36-18 and runway 9-27.  Runway 18 is not suitable for landing due to the fact it is on the border with empty sim. Runway 36 is easy approach but passes over two sims that are crowded with parcels with privacy settings turned on. We have two helipads. All runways are 190 meter runways. Remember we are 526 meters in the sky, so come in about 600 until runway is in sight.

When controller is on duty you can use either 119.200 Blake Sea Control group, or Unicom 122.7 MHZ Group.

There is a forklift rezzer and a cargo rezzer at the cargo area for those who like a more in depth RP experience.  If you like even more immersed RP, let us know ahead of time and we can de-ice wings, and refuel from a truck and clean the interior of your plane.

NOTE OF THE MAPPER: on Jul 15, 2018 removed FIX upon owner's request due to rebuild.