The Ju 87 Stuka, from Sturzkampfflugzeug, "dive bomber" (WAKE: LIGHT) is a 2 manned, German Dive bomber and Ground attack aircraft. Produced by Tumansky Heavy Industries for Second Life, the aircraft is a close replica of a real Junkers Ju 87 Stuka, produced by Junkers in 1936 and later used during and up the the end of WWII.


The Ju 87 is one of the first WWII era Aircraft, and the first Bomber to be produced with MCE. The Aircraft is completely made of Mesh and is sold as 2 separate planes, B-2 and G models, which consist of different payloads and equipment. Each model also comes with 4 historic paints which can be accessed via a menu, and also has a "drag'n'drop" style texture repainting system.

As of Version 1.0.1, the aircraft is sold with as 2 different packages, Ju 87-B2 and Ju 87-G, which both come with a combat vehicle, a display model, customization guide, and a Heads-up display (HUD).

Combat System

The Ju 87 is a combat-ready aircraft that is equipped with a MCE.

List of the Ju 87 MCE stats:

MCE Stats:

HP: 600

Armor level: 1 (half damage by infantry arms)

Countermeasures: N/A

Stealthfactor: N/A Beginning Era: 1 (pre ww2) Ending Era: 3 (late ww2) Armament:

  • 2 x MG 17 with 1000 rounds of 7.92 ammo (100hp standard damage per round)
  • 1 x MG 15 with 10x75 rounds of 7.92 ammo (100hp standard damage per round)
  • 4 x 50Kg Bombs (800 AP (level 3 penetration) damage upon direct hit on an vehicle OR 250 HP explosive damage in an 15 meter radius.
  • 1 x 250Kg Bomb (3000 AP (level 3 penetration) damage upon direct hit on an vehicle OR 1000 HP explosive damage in an 30 meter radius.

When you do not play on a region which has an ammunition limit imposed (like global mode for example), you can always type "reload" into chat to start reloading. this typically takes 30 seconds.


  • HUD featuring accurately-styled flight instrumentation and combat information
  • State of art flight model, including 2 flight modes
    • "Basic" flight mode is comparable to the flight models of the other THI fighters and most SL airplanes
    • "Advanced" flight mode features advanced lift, glide, and drag: drop into a dive at breakneck speeds, gently (or otherwise) stall the plane when moving too slowly, and perform a perfect dead-stick landing.
  • Real Stuka sounds
  • Guest pilot support
  • MCE combat support
  • Full on bomb effects with ground explosions and water splashes.
  • Fully animated cockpit gauges
  • Interchangeable and customizable liveries
  • loads of Fun!


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