Ka-Tet-Air (Call-Sign KATET) is a non-commercial virtual airline in Second Life®. The airline was founded by owner Rana Narmo in July 2015. It serves the Second Life® grid with commuter flights between Blake-Sea, Nautilus, Satori and the independent Eden Naturist Estate. Today flights of Ka-Tet-Air are mostly charter flights. IM the owner for a flight request.


The Airline is named after the famous book series of Stephen King "The Dark Tower". Few symbols of these novels can be found on the airplanes, p.e. the rose. All aircrafts wear the sign of Stephen King.

Snapshot 016

The Ka-Tet-Air headquarter on Grenadier Airport

The first aircraft was the Ju 52/3m from Cheermaster. Then came quickly an A318. Now the airline includes 16 various aircrafts.

Special offersEdit

A very new feature of the Ka-Tet-Air is the "Beach Taxi", scheduled and charter flights between islands and beaches. The fleet of KTA Beach Taxi includes a DHC-6 Twin-Otter with gear and some seaplanes. You can identify them on the yellow livery with the black palm-tree-logo. The aircrafts can land on the water or on short impassable runways.


Airports in Second Life® served by Ka-Tet-Air include:

For more destinations ask for a charter flight!


As in June 2016 the Ka-Tet-Air fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • A A318 of Ka-Tet-Air during boarding
  • A A318 of Ka-Tet-Airlines during boarding
  • A A318 of Ka-Tet-Air ready to takeoff
  • A A318 of Ka-Tet-Air in the Air
  • A Embraer E-120 of Ka-Tet-Air ready for takeoff
  • A Embraer E-120 of Ka-Tet-Air during the flight
  • The Cessna Grand Caravan of Ka-Tet-Air for skydiving
  • E-120 of Ka-Tet-Air during boarding in Grenadier Airport
  • A Douglas DC-3 of Ka-Tet-Air during flight
  • A Douglas DC-3 during boarding at Gate B in Grenadier Airport
  • A AN-2 of the Ka-Tet-Air after takeoff from Tortuga Bay