The Kaman K-MAX  (ICAO: KMAX / WAKE: LIGHT) is a medium lift helicopter with intermeshing rotors (synchropter). Created in Second Life by Michie Marine, the aircraft was based on the real-life K-MAX built by Kaman Aircraft.


The Kaman K-MAX is an American helicopter with intermeshing rotors (synchropter) built by Kaman Aircraft. It is optimized for external load operations, and is able to lift a payload of over 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg), which is more than the helicopter's empty weight. A remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicle version is being developed and is being evaluated in extended practical service in the war in Afghanistan.[1]

Michie Marine's K-MAX comes equipped with fire-fighting equipment, working doors, and functioning beacon light. The K-MAX does not use the standard cylic/collective controls and physics, ubiquitous in Second Life helicopters. Instead Michie Marine has opted for a system where the pilot physically tilts the helicopter down to make it move forward while using the pg-up/down keys to increase/decrease vertical movement.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD) attachment with:
    • Water release, Firemax on/off, auto-cruise, camera control and engine on/off switches.
  • Animated components (x2 intermeshing rotors, x2 doors, rudder, elevators).
  • Exterior lighting (beacon).
  • Optional fire-fighting equipment with Firemax tank, snorkel and particle 'water' effects.



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