History_Icon.png This is a historic article about an airport which no longer exists or has been replaced. History_Icon.png

Kaunis - South Snowlands Airstrip (ICAOSLKA) was a small public skyport located in the 'Kaunis' region in deep southern Sansara. As the airfield's name suggests, the region is part of Sansara's perpetual Snowlands.

Landing Advisories

  • Large wingspan aircraft advisory.
  • Very short runway advisory (90m).
  • Recommended approach at 400m. The runway itself is at altitude 348m.
  • Airport is landlocked on a busy mainland continent, protected approach is not guaranteed – use caution if you fly in the vicinity below 250m.
  • Changing weather patterns around the airport, includes rain, hail and snow. Snow might pile up on the runway.


Kaunis is a small airport in the very far southern parts of Sansara (in fact it is the southernmost non-Jeogeot airport on the grid). It mostly serves the small villages and communities in the southern Snowlands, but is linked to the central Snowlands by the ONSR railway. It has few facilities, which include a waiting area / lounge, ticket counter, and a direct TP link to the nearby train station.

In late August 2014 the airport was overhauled and the old hangar cleared to make way for a new terminal building with office space and a passenger lounge. By early October 2014, a new ATC tower had been placed, as well as trees and other scenery props.

Further drastic changes occurred during November 2014. Due to a dangerous density of banlines in the vicinity of the approach path, the whole airport was lifted up into the sky, above the reach of banline restrictions.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Kaunis - South Snowlands Airstrip , as of November 2014.

Facilities and services

Kaunis Terminal, looking NE (09-14)

Kaunis' new terminal building and control tower (September 2014).

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Access to ONSR railway station via teleporter.
  • Small terminal building with lounge/indoors area.