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Kousara's Charters (ICAO: KOC / IATA: KC / Call-sign: KSRC) is a virtual airline in Second Life®. that Founded by Anime Headed Person in Second Life Named Kousara Virginia Kirino. The airline serves most of the Second Life® Grid with scheduled airline travel between any airports in Blake Sea, Nautilus, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta V, Sansara and Heterocera Atoll . Furthermore, Kousara's Charters delivers a scheduled aircraft service to the any airport on SL Grid. It's Had Ground Vehicle on Service every airport with Road access. and It's Had Kousara's Car Rental on Your Service. There's Kousara's Charters Regional Service is Introduced in June 28th 2016.


Founded around November 2015 by Kousara Virginia Kirino is scheduled to offer service rising to the motto 'Travelling across SL Grid. with Skilled Anime Headed Pilot.' with more extra add-ons that I've have on your airplanes. It will be announced in the future here. in Aircraft modifications Now. It's succeeded to Kagurazaka ChouxCream Kirino as the CEO of the Kousara's Charters in 2018. Then General Mikoto Melon Bear since 2020!

There's Regional Flight are Introduced in Kousara's Charters (on The Kousara's Charters Regional Division)

Check-In facilities

Check-In facilities have been provided for all Kousara's Regent/Charters Followers/Customers

You Can Book this Flight at this website here. ask me on Second Life. If Online. or will be Google Forms Format.

Scheduled Flight or Non Scheduled are Take Place Here on Second Life.

We Do Cargo Transport in Your Service There.

You can Donate tips to me. During this Flight,Out of Duty or Offline.


As of March 2017 most of the airports in Second Life® served by the Kousara's Charters this include:


As of August 2021, Kousara's Charters' fleet includes the following aircraft: