Kyral Threndor Aerodrome (ICAO: SLKT) is a public, multi-level, executive airport on Absolution region of Corsica. The Midfield Terminal level is located at 391 m and the Kinross Allied Air Field is located at 581 m.

Landing Advisories Edit

  • Midfield Terminal Elevation advisory: The Midfield Terminal is located at 391 m and is served by Runways 36R - 18L. Minimum recommended approach at 400 m.
  • Kinross Allied Air Field advisory: Kinross is located at 581 m and is served by Runways 36 C - 18 C. It is a grass runway suitable for vintage aircraft and gliders. Minimum recommended approach is 591 m.

Facilities and Services Edit

Pilots' facilities Edit

  • Public rez zone.
  • Tri-color visual approach slope indicator (VASI). (Midfield level)
  • Passenger Terminal:
    • Midfield level: Regional terminal with four public gates; supports all size passenger aircraft and helicopters.
  • Cargo Terminal:
    • Midfield level: GTFO cargo terminal with three loading zones; supports all size cargo aircraft and helicopters.
  • Kyral Threndor Glider Club (KTGC)
    • Kinross level: Glider launching, tie downs, instruction, and vendors (gliders and paints).
  • Refueling station (SA, Dani Fuel and Terra, Midfield and Baldonnel levels; DSA Midfield level).
  • Helipads (Midfield level)

General facilities Edit

  • Midfield Terminal
    • Four public gates with waiting area
    • Airline check-in counters
    • Baggage Claim area
    • Kethryn's Aerodrome Café
    • Aerodrome Shops (aircraft and clothing vendors)
    • Brightflames™ Hallow Bar
  • Cargo Terminal (Midfield level)
    • Pilot/Crew lounge
  • Rental cottages and tie-downs (Kinross Level)
  • Rosie's Paint Box (Kinross level)
    • Custom painting for aircraft, boats, and bikes.
  • Transient parking (Midfield level).
  • Air traffic control tower (Midfield level).
  • Kyral Threndor Rescue.(Regional Search and Rescue, fire department Midfield level)
  • Kyral Threndor Transit System (teleport) connects all levels

Airlines Edit

Kyral Threndor Aerodrome is the home of Brightflames™ Air. Other airlines and charter flights make regular stops.

Images Edit

Midfield Terminal-0

Midfield Terminal, Gate 1

SLKT 003

Brightflame Air flight arriving at Midfield Terminal

SLKT 005

Cargo Loading at Midfield Cargo Terminal GTFO Hub

SLKT 006

Kyral Threndor Rescue, Fire Department at Midfield Terminal

SLKT 009

Kyral Threndor Glider Club (KTGC)

Kethryn's Caf

Kathryn's Cafe in Midfield Terminal

Duty Free Shops

Duty Free Shops In Midfield Terminal. Vendors for aircraft and related clothing.