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Lago de Prata Airport (ICAO: SLPA) is a single-runway, tropical-themed island airfield. The aerodrome is located in the 'Lago de Prata' and 'Frasier Island' regions of Sailor's Cove South Estate - an independently operated group of sims to the south-east of the Blake Sea.

Landing Advisories

  • None reported...


Opened in late January 2015, Lago de Prata Airport has tropical feel with lush foliage and rock formations. It was initially equipped with a single 100m x 17m lit runway, a public helipad, three seaplane docks, two rental hangars, a wooden watchtower, refuelling facilities, a café building, and a red-bricked terminal building with airline check-in counters (rentable) and a passenger waiting lounge. Notably, the airfield had a crashed (and rusted) Vought F4U Corsair east of the runway.

In early March 2015, the Lago de Prata airfield and its associated regions were heavily redesigned and rebuilt. Changes included the lengthening of runway 09/27 to 113m and the construction of a wooden terminal building (which replaced the original, larger building) across the border in 'Lago de Prata'. The airfield continues to offer three hangars for rent, although they have been shifted north of the runway, alongside a new residential area with a miniature golf course. The location of the airfield's docks, taxiways and refuelling station also shifted during the restructuring process. The airfield was closed in late April 2015.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Lago de Prata Airport, as of April 2015.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Mid-sized terminal building with:
    • Airline check-in counters,
    • Lounge area,
    • Restaurant & café.
  • x3 mid-sized rental hangars.
  • Marina with x3 seaplane docks (x3 rental).
  • Free solar ferry boat rental.
  • Residential area with x3 rental houses.
  • Mini golf course.