The "LandMaster System" consists of

  • LandMaster Scoreboard
  • LandMaster Landing Gate
  • LandMaster Landing Analyzer

The "Gate" and "Analyzer" can be installed with a HUD.

The system is available on the Marketplace, while the installation HUD is free, the Scoreboard is ~ 250L$.

The system can be run without the Scoreboard.

"LandMaster System" scores the touchdowns of planes in SL. A plane which has hit the "Gate" and afterwards hits the "Landing Analyzer" is recognzied and a score from 0 to 100 is calculated and given.

In the package there is a "Score Range" list. To summarize: Scores above 70% have to be assumed as "good" (comparable to school grade "C" (U.S.) or "Befriedigend" (Germany)) .