LAST FRONTIER AIR TAXI SERVICE (ICAO: LFT / IATA: LF / Call-sign: FRONTIER) is a virtual air taxi service in Second Life ®. Last Frontier Air Taxi Service is owned by Kristina Tailleur and it serves the Second Life® grid with travel between all accessible regions across all the mainland continents.


"Those hard to reach places... you know, the places that are not served by a regular air service, or that are irregularly served by a regular air service, or that just aren't served when you need to go there... well, they are open again. If you book an air taxi with Last Frontier Air Taxi Service you get to go where you want, when you want. All it takes is one little phone call."

A courtesy telephone is situated at Seaplane Slip #5, Juneau Regional Airport (SLJA) that links to the owner/operator, Kristina Tailleur's messaging service


  • Last Frontier Air Taxi Service serves any destination of the customers choice providing it is accessible by air from the services base of operations, Seaplane Slip #5 at:
  • Juneau Regional Airport(SLJA)


As of July 2016, Last Frontier Air Taxi Service's fleet included the following aircraft:

Flight rules for passengers

  • Passengers are advised that the less scripts they wear the smoother their flight will be. It makes no difference to the pilot if they fail to reach their destination because they were over-scripted, creating lag. However, the pilot will NOT monitor their scripts, the onus lies on them.
  • Passengers are also advised to remember their manners... be polite. The pilot is under no obligation to allow anybody onto her aircraft or to continue taking them to their destination. She has the right to refuse them passage or to eject them at any time for any reason.
  • In the event of an airplane crash in the sea passengers are reminded that it is advisable to remain with the aircraft until rescue arrives. The pilot will bear no blame in the event a passenger drowns or is eaten by sharks.
  • In the event of an airplane crash over land, survivors are reminded to remain close to the wreckage until rescue arrives. Failure to comply with this advice grants the pilot immunity from any blame in the event that a passenger goes missing or is eaten by wild animals or natives.
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