The Learjet 60, "L60" (ICAO: LJ60 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a mid-size cabin, business jet aircraft. Created in Second Life by E-Tech, the aircraft was based on the real-life Learjet 60, built by Bombardier Aerospace.


The real-life Learjet 60 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada 305A engines. The manufacturer notes the range of the aircraft at 2,405 nautical miles (4,454 km) with NBAA 100 nmi (190 km) reserves, ISA, with 4 passengers and 2 crew. In July 2012 Bombardier Aerospace announced a temporary "production pause" of the latest variant Learjet 60XR to begin in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The E-Tech L60 was designed with the intention of bringing a flight-simulator-esque experience into Second Life aviation. The aircraft features realistic checklists and procedures, working instruments, transponder, realistic lighting, and realistic flight physics (scaled down for Second Life). The L60 comes in two variants (sold together) - a civilian and a medical version.


  • Pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Working cockpit instruments:
    • Main function display (MFD) with artificial horizon, throttle, altitude, and heading indicators.
    • Animated map display.
  • Exterior lighting (landing light, navigation lights, strobes, and beacon).
  • Interior lighting (cabin lighting).
  • Animated components (displays, control surfaces, landing gear, engines, doors etc.).
  • Realistic checklists.
  • Transponder system.
  • Interchangeable sound themes.
  • Web interface.
  • Attachment and non-attachment versions.
  • Customizable paint and two liveries/interiors provided.
  • Full perm repaint kit to create and sell paint themes.


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