Lindbay Regional Airport (ICAO: SLTX) is a public single runway airport located in the Becuma region of Satori. Lindbay Regional was renamed from TRIAX Regional after it was moved from Heterocera Atoll to Satori.

Approach/Departure Advisories Edit

Elevation: 20.657

  • Maximum supported wing-span is 25.5 meters (approximately the size of the Dani D-300).
  • Minimum recommended approach is 60m.
  • Recommended approach: Begin approach into SLTX at region Intrepide at ~130 meters.
  • HSI Indicator Configuration: SLTX Rwy27|West|<287940.500000,265503.300000,20.653220>
  • Recommended departure: Fly runway heading (090) with a northeastern turn in region Danu.
    • For a Blake Sea Departure: Fly through region Redoubtable and region Intrepide - then turn northward out of region Intrepide. Resume own navigation to Blake Sea area.
    • For Satori Coast Departure: Climb to greater than 130 meters altitude in Redoubtable with a west turn to the regions edge. Resume own navigation through regions Redoubtable, Danu and Becuma.
    • ApproachpathSLTX

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General Facilities Edit

  • Terminal Building, Check-In Desks (Not yet available)
  • x1 Public Ramp Gate @ Terminal
  • General Aircraft Parking (Non-permanent)
  • Access to Marina Dock (General Public Spaces for Aircraft and Boats)

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