The Lockheed Vega is a six-passenger vintage monoplane. Created in Second Life by DSA Aeronautics, the plane is a replica of the real-life Vega, built by the Lockheed company starting in 1927.


The real-life Lockheed Vega was designed by John Knudsen Northrop and Gerard Vultee, both of whom would later form their own companies, and was originally intended to serve with Lockheed's own airline routes. They set out to build a four-seat aircraft that was not only rugged, but the fastest aircraft as well. Using the latest designs in monocoque fuselages, cantilever wings and the best engine available, the Vega delivered on the promise of speed. The only part of the aircraft that was not very streamlined was the landing gear, although production versions wore sleek "spats". It was powered by the Wright Whirlwind, which delivered 225 horsepower (168 kW).

The Lockheed Vega became famous for its use by a number of record-breaking pilots who were attracted to the rugged and very long-range design. Notably, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly the Atlantic single-handed in one, and Wiley Post flew his around the world twice.[1]


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Animated components (rudder, ailerons, propeller, entry hatch etc.)
  • Optional refuelling system (DSA Fuel).
  • Fully customizable.


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