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Luxor International Airport (ICAO: SLLX) is a single runway public airport in Tseshkovsky region, north Satori.

Landing Advisories

  • Minimum approach to 75m.
  • No weapons, battle activity or freelance sales at the airport.


Luxor International Airport is on the north coast of Sartori and fronts the Bing Straight. Privately owned, it is fast becoming a centre of aviation activity in the area. It has a single runway runs 18 - 36 degrees north to south.

Constructed in Spring 2015, was named Dragonport International Airport and was equipped with a single, lit 255m x 25m north/south runway. To the west of the landing surface is a large terminal building with six public gates (with jet bridges), sixteen rentable check-in desks, passenger lounges and a large free-standing ATC tower. To the east of the runway are seven rentable hangars, an aviation fuel station and a freight elevator which leads to the sea-level (a separate internal monorail also connects to the lower level). The sea-level contains emergency services, a beach, a large marina with docks for rent and accommodation. In January 2016, changed name to Prime International AIrport and ...

After undergoing significant rennovation, including the installation of an impressive "Dubai-style" terminal, Prime International Airport was closed in February 2016, due to apparent financial difficulties, according to a notice released by the sim owner.

The current Luxor incarnation retains and enhances the radical design reminiscent of a Middle Eastern Super Airport such as Dubai. The main airport structure designed by DCL architecture, has been modified to render 4 Gates each serviced by jetways that can accommodate the largest airliners.


The following list includes all scheduled services to and from Luxor International AIrport as of July 2016. Other non-scheduled charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services

Pilot's facilities

  • Tri-color visual approach slope indicator (VASI).
  • PAPI
  • Approach Lighting System.

General facilities

  • Large terminal building with:
    • x6 rentable airline check-in desks.
    • x6 rentable ticket desks.
    • 4 rentable shop fronts
    • x2 rentable offices
    • x2 public gates with jet bridges.
    • x2 private gates with jet bridges.
    • x4 rental hangars.
  • ATC tower.
  • Emergency services.
  • Marina with rentable docks.
  • Shopping Mall with coffee shop and VIP lounge, restrooms
  • Business Centre
  • Flight School
  • Industrial elevator to the beach level for cars and trucks
  • Tourist attraction, The Great Pyramid