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MIRAI Group, also known formally as MIRAI Group Kabushiki Gaisha, is the successor of the Multi-platform conglomerate GrunSolutions. Operating out of Elite Dangerous, Arma 3, and barring any issues, a return to Second Life since their operations as GrunSolutions, MIRAI currently exists solely in name within Second Life due to limited resources and lack of able personnel.


Established formally as GrunSolutions Kabushiki Gaisha, MIRAI Group's origins start in 2014 when the organization was originally founded as the YSFlight 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Grun'. Although the organization would not see a Second Life presence until around 2016-2018 under its' successor, its' leader, Nodoka Hanamura, had been present in SL from 2014 onward.

Following a period of growth in YSFlight, GrunSolutions was established as the parent entity of the 8th TFS. Shortly after, GrunSolutions would attempt to branch out into various platforms, Second Life being one of them. Initially being based out of Squire's Gate Airport until the airport's closure, GrunSolutions briefly attempted to expand in Second Life, unfortunately only reaching a total size of 3 to 4 personnel at its' peak.

Selection 191

The Logo of GrunSolutions, MIRAI Group's predecessor.

Following the closure of Squire's Gate, GrunSolutions would move to Aleksandr International Airport. GrunSolutions would split its' operations across platforms into two seperate entities each - GrunSolutions PMC for paramilitary operations, and GrunSolutions Civil Services for search and rescue and airline operations under the briefly operational MahouAir Virtual Airline both in YSFlight and, although never activated, a presence in Second Life was planned.

Following controversies around the organization and its' owner in YSFlight, a lack of interest to retain the organization's presence in Second Life, and intrapersonal issues within the organization, GrunSolutions became defunct in Winter of 2018, with it's most publicly notable and final operation, being Operation Farewell, which was the formal name for GrunSolutions' participation in the Farewell to Baitoushan Grid Flight event.

Shortly after GrunSolutions had went defunct, Owner Nodoka Hanamura had desired to reform GrunSolutions into a new organization, away from YSFlight, although briefly. This organization would become MIRAI Group and has recently begun a major restructuring that involves the activation of its' Second Life division.


Under GrunSolutions[]

Schakal Search and Rescue Squadron[]


The flag of Schakal Search and Rescue

Schakal SAR Squadron, also just known as Schakal, was a Search and Rescue unit that operated exclusively in the area of Greater Sato-Nautilus (Satori, Nautilus and vicinity). The Unit operated two aircraft, namely the Cessna Grand Caravan "Rapid Deployment Unit" and the Sikorsky S/H-92. The logic behind a fixed wing aircraft and conventional SAR helicopter is thus - A RDU can provide immediate and extensive (ALS, rather than BLS) medical and other care to the crew and passengers of downed aircraft and lost ships in a rapid fashion, due to being faster than a conventional rotary aircraft. However, this comes at the cost of not being reasonable in dense areas such as populated Rivers and over land. When a RDU is unavailable, or infeasible for providing SAR, the S/H-92 is deployed.

GrunSolutions Cybermeteorology Office[]


The logo of the GSCMO.

Although it was never fully activated, the concept of a unit dedicated to reporting the state of the grid firsthand was conceptualized by CEO Nodoka Hanamura and had a dedicated aircraft constructed based on the McKeenan Aviation Dragonfly - "Dorothy V", named after the Dorothy Tornado Sensor System used in the 1996 storm chasing movie Twister. The aircraft was named as such due to the at the time, recent passing of actor Bill Paxton, who played the protagonist in Twister. The aircraft would carry sensors on-board that could report the status of the simulator the aircraft was in, such as time dilation, ping and other telemetry to get a general feel of the status of the grid in high-traffic regions such as the Blake Sea Corridor.

Albeit indirectly this concept was later implemented by HitCorp International.

Under MIRAI Group[]

At this time the current structure of MIRAI Group in Second Life is very basic, consisting of at-will participation in either PMC or Civil Service operations.

Known Aircraft[]

GrunSolutions PMC[]

None, GrunSolutions PMC did not operate in Second Life.

GrunSolutions Civil Services[]

Schakal Search and Rescue Squadron[]

  • Shergood Aviation-Sikorsky S/H-92
  • Dani Aeroplanes-Cessna Grand Caravan

GrunSolutions Cyber-meteorology Office[]

  • McKeenan Aviation Dragonfly (Modified)

MIRAI Group[]

  • Shergood Aviation-Airbus H-160 (CEO Transport, SAR (Planned))
  • Dani-Agusta Westland AW-139 (CEO Transport, ALS (Advanced Life Support) SAR)
  • Dani-Agusta Westland AW-109 (CEO Transport, BLS (Basic Life Support) SAR)
  • Dani-Cessna Textron Grand Caravan (Mahou Air Link)