The Mil MI-8 (Russian: Ми-8, NATO reporting name: Hip) (ICAO: MI8 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a Soviet-designed medium twin-turbine transport helicopter. There are also armed gunship versions. Created in Second Life by Amok Dynamics, the aircraft was based on the real-life Mil MI-8T "Hip".


The real-life Mil MI-8T "Hip" is among the world's most-produced helicopters, used by over 50 countries. Russia is the main producer and the largest operator of the Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopter. There are numerous variants of the MI-8, including the MI-8T which is armed with rockets and anti-tank guided missiles, in addition to carrying 24 troops.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Controls can be swapped between pilot and copilot and vice versa.
  • Functioning rear ramp & side door.
  • Functioning cockpit instruments.
  • Functioning landing gear.
  • Rear and side-mounted machine-guns (VICE combat system/MCE combat system).


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