munchkin air (IATA: MA / Call-sign: MUNCHAIR) formerly known as munchkin air safaris is a non-commercial virtual air and bush charter company in Second Life. munchkin air is owned by Cheryl Moore. It serves the Second Life® grid with travel between all airports across all the mainland continents.


Founded in early 2016 by 8 years old (virtual age) Cheryl Moore munchkin air safaris was a light role play virtual air and bush charter safari service that was formed to take small parties, dependent on the size of the aircraft, on the safari(s) of their choice. However, due to the over-protection of wild animals in Second Life, munchkin air safaris was renamed as munchkin air and continued as a general air and bush charter service serving any accessible region across all mainland continents.



munchkin air has a hangar at the following airport:

Jet Nation Airport

Plus, if an available aircraft can land there and you wish to go there, then that is where we will take you.


Flight rules for passengers (there isn't many)

  • Passengers are requested to remove all unnecessary scripted items (aim as low as possible) in order to help the aircraft to take off and stay up in the sky which is an good place for an airplane to be.
  • Remember, if passengers are mean to the pilot she is probably going to refuse to fly them or to eject them from the aircraft, regardless of altitude.
  • In case of a crash at sea surviving passengers are respectfully requested to kick and flail in the water in order to draw the sharks away from the pilot. In case of a crash on land passengers are requested to do the same in the event of wild animals stalking survivors.
  • All flights are free but the pilot is usually always bribeable/tippable with Peanut Butter and Jelly sammiches... and sometimes ice cream