Airfield: NAS Fallon - KNFL

Region: Wyrldmaker @ (1130, 1082)

Manager: Mark Starfire (GeorgeMarkStarfire Resident), Joan Moleno

CTAF: SLAK Aniak ATC Sth. Corsica (SL group)

Characteristic: Concrete Runway of 200m @ 45 metres 

Elevation: 45m 

Approaches: RW27

Takeoffs: RW09

  • Mainly created for military operations
  • Civil traffic and GTFO roleplay welcome
  • No tie-downs or hangars for rent!
  • Short term parking and helipads available

Fuel Service: ♦ DSA ♦ Shergood ♦ Dani ♦

20 minutes return time.

Every plane type is welcome to use the airfield.

Entry for Dani's HSI indicator would be

"NAS FALLON, elev|West|<289497.900000,277011.900000,44.562800>"

If you are looking for civil prop plane tie-downs - try Aniak