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Naval Air Facility Avignon Harbor (NAFA) was a public dual runway military base in 'Avignon' region of north-eastern Satori. It closed between February and March 2017.

Landing Advisories

  • CAUTION: runways at different altitudes:
    • 27L to 49m on paved
    • 27R to 63m on catapult assembly


Naval Air Facility (NAF) Avignon Harbor was a United States Navy SL post located in Avignon region. This facility supported a smaller number of naval aircraft. Permanently based naval aircraft were usually minimal, with the principal focus being on supporting naval aircraft deployed from other stations.

The facility supported flight operations from NAS Miramar and local military installations. Naval Medical Center Satori served Search and Rescue (SAR) operations of all groups in the entire Blake Sea region.

HitCorp International and subsidiary Phoenix Medical groups provided emergency response to the facility, with security patrols, fire response and emergency medical transport.

The station was also the hub for supply and logistics for USNSL Third Fleet.

NAFA provided support to other squadrons as they operated throughout the region. In addition to quick turn aircraft with reload/relaunch, their C-130s did double duty as refuelers, providing extra flight time for fighters.

This sim has since been shut down, and USNSL relocated to new facilities in Second Life (for updated information on current USNSL bases, please see the List of active military aviation bases ).

Stationed Units

  • USNSL Third Fleet SAR
  • USNSL Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two (HSC-2)
  • USNSL VFA-101 "Grim Reapers"
  • USNSL VR-62 "Nomads"
  • USNSL VRC-4 "Gamblers"
  • USNSL SEAL Team 5
  • HCI SSD - Blake Sea Anti-Piracy Section


Pilots' facilities

  • Rez area
  • PAPI
  • Runway lights

General facilities

  • Dock
  • Store
  • Naval Medical Center Satori
  • HCI/PMR Fire, Medical and Security Services