New Horizons Hospital General 001
  • New Horizons Hospital General
  • Category: hospital
  • Region: Allalinhorn.
  • Continent: Satori.


New Horizons Hospital General is located at SLNH airport, and it was built by Donatella Mitchell in late 2015; is divided into three floors: the first has two entries for ambulances, reception, waiting room, two operating rooms (each with two operating tables), on the second floor has six patient rooms (each with two beds and numbered from 301 to 312), and in right roof a helipad, and in the third floor has a  x-ray room and a scanner room. It has an elevator system of teleportation type, so you can not use stretchers to move between plants; plants being numbered as S-3 first, S-2 second and S-1 third, and the entrance to the airport terminal it is numbered  as 1.

There is no permanent staff in the hospital, so if you need to perform a medical simulation, contact Donatella to see if she can help you or if she give permission for you and your own medical team to use the facilities.


The staff in this hospital is:

  • Doctor
  • Nurse


The equipment of this hospital is:

  • Helipad
  • Surgery room
  • Patient room
  • X-Ray and scanner room