Nihon Air was a virtual non-commercial airline in Second Life®. Nihon served the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel and charter flights in the Blake Sea, Nautilus, and Satori continents.

Background Edit

Nihon Air was formed June of 2015 by aviation enthusiast Luke Carmona. The airline slowly came together over the course of a week due to financial restraints, and in the same month it was created, an alliance was formed with International Airlines to form Nihon International Alliance. In early July of 2015, a separate alliance was formed with newly created Air Korea before a merger alliance was formed between the three airlines on the 27th of July to create Blue Star Alliance.

Then, around November 7th of 2016, Nihon Air came to a close. The owner, Luke Carmona, replaced the airline with his newly formed Carmonair.

Desinations Edit

Airports in Second Life® served by Nihon Air include:

Fleet Edit

As of September 2015, the Nihon Air fleet includes the following aircraft: