North Channel Airport


Founded by 2 friends and partnered ppls at beginning of March 2018


  • Bolera Resident (great builder)
  • Maury Rau (system manager)

we like to fly and amuse

everyone is welcome

Nice and little, but good place located at Dogoog Region

we thank everyone who helped us to build (no money for them...they donated their time...)


  • Passtime
  • Matti
  • Sayer Thirroul


list will be long, next time i will show.

☀☀North Channel Airport (ICAO: SLIT) is a little airport

made by 2 friends that likes to have fun....

one-runway east to west, head to 27 runway,

public intercontinental airport. Built primarily in the 'Dogoog' region (with additional facilities in adjoining 'Dogoog'), the airport is strategically located at the western channel at Dogoog (168,102,25) and is nice little place for all our friends and who wants visit

(to be continued....)