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Oceana Airfield is the home of the NATO Coalition Forces and Oceana Civil Air Patrol.


Oceana has been part of the second life community since its opening by Jayson and Jewels Zorric in 2011. Their mission is to educate, promote role-play and combat in Second Life. They have spent many years educating new members of the vice combat community, teaching them how to fight as a cohesive team.

NATO Coalition Force

NATO Coalition Forces (NCF) is the military force of Oceana. They are Oceana's sword and shield protecting her borders from any threat no matter where it may come from. They are primarily a vice combat group that is trained to fight in the air, on the sea or on the ground. NCF is a fighting team that focuses on the use of teamwork to complete it's mission. NCF is an inclusive group that doesn't label it's forces from any certain country or back ground. Like NATO in RL, NCF has members from many countries and backgrounds. NCF is even furry friendly. Enlist today and experience a premier fighting force that is like no other.

Civilian Operations

Even if one is not interested in military style role-play or combat Oceana is filled with many civilian opportunities. Oceana Civil Air Patrol is a civilian operated group that does everything from putting out fires to rescuing downed pilots. The Oceana Police or Fire Departments are other great opportunities one will find in the Oceana Community.

Come see Oceana for yourself and experience the fun and excitement of living on or next to an Airfield/Seaport. With rental houses and hangers living near your favorite airfield is a breeze! Oceana is located on the Gaeta V continent and offers excitement of being on the SL mainland with out being in the direct hustle and bustle of the busy Airports and Airbases to Oceana's south.