The Percival Vega Gull (ICAO: VGUL / WAKE: LIGHT) is a 1930s British, four-seater touring aircraft. Created in Second Life by Tania Bouvier Motors (TBM), the aircraft was based on the real-life Percival Vega Gull, built by Percival Aircraft Limited.


Built between 1935 and 1939, the real-life Percival Vega Gull was a single-engine, low-wing (Folding), wood-and-fabric monoplane with a fixed tailwheel undercarriage.

The TBM-designed replica was created at the request of a TBM client and was released in March 2015. The aircraft features improved flight physics with airspeed-based take-off speeds, stall-speeds, and gliding when throttle is set to 0% or cut due to fuel shortage (with loss of altitude). Modelled in mesh, it is equipped with a highly detailed engine with opening/closing engine bay door, folding canopy and animated control surfaces. As with many TBM aircraft, entry/exit avatar animations are also included, as are provided accessories and an optional TBM fuel system.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD) attachment with:
    • Engine RPM, airspeed, altimeter, air speed, fuel, and compass instruments.
    • Engine on/off, camera select, fuel consumption, refuel and lights switches.
  • Flight physics includes optional engine stall, and gliding (when throttle is at 0%).
  • Exterior lighting (navigation lights).
  • Animated components (avatar, canopy, engine bay, propeller, flight surfaces, etc.).
  • Optional simulated damage (collision damage).
  • Optional fuel system (TBM Fuel).
  • Accessories (vintage TBM fuel pump, 1 functional engine test bench).
  • Fully modifiable and customizable.