Peresa Beach and Airfield (SLPA) is an airport operating in the Nautilus area, located in the Blung region. Approach to runway 36 is from Knellem along the 43m north-south vector. Landing facilities are available for rotary wing as well as fixed wing. There is also a ramp for seaplanes.

Landing AdvisoriesEdit

  • Short runway and wide wingspan advisories.
  • Takeoff and landing are on the same runway, take care on approach that the runway is clear.

Amenities Edit

Tie-downs may be available occasionally. Contact the airport operator, ღηίco ɱoɼǵaɳღ (nicolae.szczepanski), for more information.

Nautilus 1119.43/1054.15 ALT: 22 HDG: 36 (360º) LDA: 100 M Ser Air
Peresa Airfield