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Playa de San Cataldo (ICAO: SLCT) was a public airfield located in the 'Blackmalkin' region of south-eastern Satori.


  • A public rez zone is available adjacent to the 18R threshold.
  • A security orb is active on the island immediately east of the field, and there are others in the immediate vicinity.  Exercise caution and do not descend below 100m overhead until established on finals.
  • Aircraft departing runway 18R should hold short, and visually confim that no aircraft are on final approach before entering runway.
  • Bagheera Airstrip is situated 500m to the south-west, at an altitude of 200m.  Departing aircraft are advised to climb straight ahead initially, turning right and remaining below the skyfield until safe to climb.


Created in November 2014, Playa de San Cataldo was equipped with two parallel landing surfaces - a paved runway (128m x 15m) and a water runway for seaplanes (120m x 22m). It has recently been expanded to provide more space in the manoevering area.

The facility provides refuelling facilities, a small terminal building with passenger lounge and navigation facilities, two public helipads situated adjacent to the terminal building, and docks for watercraft. A number of hangars are being built. Ramps are available for amphibious craft at both ends of the hard surface runway. Short term parking was available along the western parallel taxiway and in front of the terminal.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Playa de San Cataldo, as of January 2015.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Small terminal building with passenger lounge, and open air terrace above.
  • An attractive beach with views of open sea is a short walk from the terminal.


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