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Poppyport Airport (ICAO: SLPP) was a public, art deco styled, airport located in the 'Inari' region of central Sansara.

Landing Advisories

  • Non-Conventional Runway Colour Advisory.


Poppyport Community

Poppyport was a community in central Sansara with an art deco/dieselpunk themed airport, marina and harbour lying on the borders of 'Inari' and 'Hookton' sims, and extending into the regions of 'Quentin', 'Georgiana', 'Hachiman' and 'Westport'. Throughout the regions which comprised Poppyport, there were stores, cafés, lighthouses, viewing points, music venues, a flyers’ club, an inn, and land, houses & shops to rent.

Poppyport Airport

Created by building partners Sylvie Beresford and AnaVictoria Morales, Poppyport Airport began operating as a civilian/general purpose airport during Christmas 2011. The aerodrome was located on an island just to the south-west of the Mare Secundum inland sea, with protected waterways covering both approach/departure directions. The airport was equipped with a single runway designed for light-to-medium aircraft, a lower deck with rentable aircraft parking and a plane elevator which linked the two levels. Also at sea-level was a seaplane dock on the west edge of the facility and a small boat dock on the north-eastern corner. Alongside the runway was a small amount of transient parking space, with auto-return set to twenty minutes.

The airfield's mid-sized art deco terminal building housed a visitor lounge with a dance floor, video screens, maps and navigation aids, and a gallery where their in-house flying instructor and charter airline was based. Above the main foyer, in the tower section, there was a pilots' club for aviators to hang out and eat at Mom's Roadkill Diner. At the top of the building was the facility's control tower, which offered panoramic views of the region.


Following almost three years and two months of operation, the airport officially closed its doors on 9th March 2015. Airport management cited personal difficulties and personality conflicts between stakeholders as reason for the closure.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Poppyport Airport, as of March 2015.


Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Mid-sized terminal building with:
    • Mom's Roadkill Diner.
    • Shops/vendors.
    • ATC tower.
  • Rental parking.
  • Dock.