Private airport

In Second Life Aviation, the concept of PRIVATE AIRPORT refers to the owner decision for not allow its use to others, freely to rez or block the entrance to it. Usually, we can find three different categories:

  1. The owner built an airport only for you use, without rez area, but notifying the authority of the map indicating that is private and he/she do not want to be identified on the map or in the wiki (in this case, its airport not is included in a list indicating the location); It is also understood in this situation when stated explicitly in the information of the parcel, except that the owner himself decides to change his mind.
  2. The owner built an airport and blocks their access with security orbs, ban lines or other systems to prevent the entry to it (in this case, its airport is included in a list indicating the location to not be bothered, having no ICAO code)
  3. The owner built an airport without rez area, but fails to notify his desire not to be identified on the map or the wiki (so it is allocated a ICAO code and will include in the wiki with the identification of PRIVATE). In this case, the important here is the auto return time set for the owner: with auto return setting to 0, you can landing, to park, disembarking your passengers, take a long coffee, boarding passenger and takeoff, and your aircraft always is there; but the problem to set to 0 is for the griefers; is a good idea set, for big airports and with some air trafic, to 60 minutes, and for small airports and far of air trafic to 15 minutes; to me don´t like see how  I get up of my seat and I fall head to the runway (bad, very bad).

Of course, when an airport has a rez area (partial or total) it is automatically called as PUBLIC AIRPORT; these airports have their own rules and usually have them exposed it for the users know how to behave in that place; also, there are airports where their use is limited to certain types of aircraft (see this page for that).

In the case of aviation in particular (do not we here to discuss the concept of private property used in Second Life for many landowners), the idea of not allowing to rez at an airport can be due to many reasons, but the main reason is for the griefers attacks, which can fill your airport physical objects and block its use completely or put objects with scripts that launch obscene photographs or rude noises emitted.

In the list below, you can see private airports that have been found so far around Second Life, and information indicating the category of the same.

From January 21th 2016 there is 31 private airports.

Category Name Region Continent
3 Flea Field Dratzo Zindra
3 Molineux Airport Molineux Zindra
2 unknowm Exhara Nautilus
3 CEDOI Airfield Zaitsev Satori
3 Boing Aerodrome Boing Nautilus
3 Birdies Skyport Mulcahy Nautilus
3 Crystal Skyclub Airfield Crystal Sansara
3 MBK Airfield MBK Flughafen Meisterbastler-Kreis Estate
3 SS Galaxy Galaxy Aft Blake Sea
3 Herkja Field Herkja Nautilus
3 JPC Airfield Montliard Satori
3 Kishijoten Airfield Kishijoten Sansara
3 Pancho Barnes Airfield Cheezberger Nautilus
3 Maeve Aerodrome Pyrrhia Heterocera Atoll
3 Phobos Airfield Phobos Sansara
3 Princess Castle Airfield Memussi Nautilus
3 Wirtz Airfield Wirtz Zindra
3 Wolfis Airfield Leelight Nautilus
3 Little Yoshiwara Skyport Milarepa Satori
2 unknowm Watershade Corsica
3 Rose City Heliport & Marina Underfoot Corsica
3 Fallen Angels Airfield Jorunn Nautilus
3 Birdies South Skyport Penobscot Nautilus
3 S&B Airport Forkbeard Nautilus
2 unknoum Recursion / Paraholic Nautilus
2 unknowm Poob Nautilus
2 unknowm Diefenbaker Nautilus
2 unknowm Meto X Nautilus
2 unknowm Amaro Satori
3 Pevensey Field Avignon Satori
2 =SAS= Airfield, Kraken Kraken Corsica