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An example of a public rez zone, located at St Diabloux Municipal Airport.

A public rez zone (sometimes spelled "rezz") is an area within Second Life where users are permitted to drag and drop objects from their inventory (in the case of airports, this is usually an aircraft).


The term "rez" in Second Life means to create or make an object appear. Rezzing an object can be done by dragging it from a resident's inventory onto the ground. The term 'rezzing' can also mean the process of waiting for a texture or object to load (for example, "everything is still rezzing" or "your shirt is still rezzing for me").

Public rez areas can vary in size from small parcels of land to entire regions, depending on the land owner's desires. Some airports prefer to use small dedicated rez areas, whilst others enable public rez abilities across their entire airport. To prevent accumulation of unwanted items, regions are usually equipped with an auto-return policy which automatically returns unused rezzed items after a set period of time (usually set around five minutes).

Linden-Provided Public Rez Zones

  • The Linden Department of Public Works has provided numerous public rez areas throughout the grid.
  • The Coastal Waterway also provides numerous public rez areas.
  • Infohubs provide additional public rez areas.
  • The Blake Sea provides public rez areas in the northeast corner of its regions.


  • The word "rez" is taken from the 1982 American science fiction film Tron, in which the term "de-rezz" roughly means to dissolve in a certain way.