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RAF Tarington (RAFT) was a single-runway, First World War themed, public military airfield located in the 'Tarington' region of central Jeogeot's Jeogeot Gulf coastline.

Landing Advisories

  • Elevation advisory: landing surface elevation 38m. Minimum recommend approach at 48m.
  • Combat permitted in this area, use caution.


Created circa February 2015 by Cornelius Fanshaw, RAF Tarington was initially a Second World War themed Royal Air Force (RAF) airfield, complete with a concrete landing surface, two mid-sized hangars, two nissen huts, and a watch office with ATC tower located north of the landing surface. Tarington underwent a major redesign during March 2015, merging and replacing its design and theme with the adjacent First World War themed Rundlelawn Airfield. Consequently, the airfield now had a single 113m x 14m grass/dirt runway marked with burning oil drums. To its south were three tent hangars, two small tents, a refuelling pump, and wooden administrative huts (one containing themed vendors). North of the runway was a WW1 trench system which conjoined 'Tarington' and 'Rundlelawn' into one unified design. Underneath the airfield remained mostly unchanged, containing a large reinforced submarine pen with four deep docks for various naval vessels.

Due to its close proximity to the nearby combat zone, the use of combat systems (WCS, VICE, MCE, TCS, etc.) was permitted in and around the airfield. As per its theme, the airfield was dotted with machine-gun nests, anti-air guns and a coastal artillery battery.


  • No. 366 Squadron RAF (The Blake Sea Corsairs).
  • No. 401 Squadron RCAF (No 1 R.C.A.F. Squadron).


Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Vendors.
  • x3 tent hangars.
  • x2 small army tents.
  • Administrative hut.
  • Submarine pen.
  • Military roleplay facilities.


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