REGA SL is an Alpine Search And Rescue Group (for roleplay purposes only) and it's not affiliated to the Rega Organization in RL. The name Rega comes from the German "Schweizerische Rettungsfluwacht" and the French "Garde aérienne suisse de sauvetage", also in Italian "Guardia aerea svizzera di soccorso". REGA SL was founded in late 2018, based initially in region Peeley, Gaeta V. By early 2019 it was moved to the snowlands of Sansara, being settled into the ideal scenario for alpine rescue operations.

General directionsEdit

This group was created for roleplay purposes only, with the only intention of having fun, enjoying our flights and learning about alpine rescue operations. Membership si totally free!

The group and roleplay is rated "M" (Mature).

Rega SL is a civilian rescue team without military structures nor ranks, it's a team of equals accomplishing different tasks to achieve the best operational results. Anyone can play any role!

Rega SL mostly rescue skiers, alpinists, missing tourists and livestock. We also own the SAR Zermatt and HELOGrid groups, as permanent partners, to operate a wider variety of helicopters in order to accomplish the most diverse missions.

In March 2020, SAR Zermatt settled his Main Base at Mieto region, in immediations of Lake Zermatt and Wengen Infohub (the only Infohub inside the snowlands area) starting to operate in the North/North-West regions of the Snowlands, while Rega 16 operates in the East and the vast South area, sharing the Wengen, Voss, Obertsdorf and Ayas regions in their jurisdictions.

For operational purposes in SL, Rega SL helicopters can carry a crew of two, a pilot and a paramedic or a doctor for rescue operations or can be flown by a single pilot on area patrolling operations.

Rega SL do not recruit people, but if you feel motivated and comfortable with Rega SL philosophy feel free to join. Membership is free but "invite only", so if you want to join Rega SL please feel free to contact out the Key People (see below) inworld by IM or Notecard.

Rega SL needs role players as:

  • Helicopter Pilots
  • Flight Doctors
  • Paramedics
  • Operations Center Coordinators
  • Ground Crew
  • And, of course, we always need the victims to rescue!


Rega SL:

  • AgustaWestland AW 109 SP "Da Vinci". ICAO code: A109.
    Screenshot A-109 HB-ZSW

    AW-109 (D-109) HB-ZSW

    Permanently in service.
    SL version: D-109 (Dani) by Daniels Fall.
  • Eurocopter EC-135 EMS. ICAO code: EC35.
    Screenshot EC-135 HB-WLD

    EC-135 (EC-135 EMS) HB-WLD

    SL version: Eurocopter EC-135 (Shergood) by Kelly Shergood. Occasionally in service.

SAR Zermatt:

  • Bell 429. ICAO code: B429.
    Screenshot Bell-429 HB ANA

    Bell-429 (B-429 EMS) HB-ANA

    SL version: Bell 429 GlobalRanger (S&W) by Spijkers & Wingtips. Permanently in service.
  • Eurocopter EC-135 EMS. ICAO code: EC35.
    SL version: Eurocopter EC-135 (Shergood) by Kelly Shergood.
    Screenshot EC-135 HB-ZMT

    EC-135 (EC-135 EMS) HB-ZMT

    Occasionally in service.


  • Kamov 32 (32A12, Swiss approved version). ICAO code: KA27.
    Screenshot K-32A12 HB-ZFY

    KA-32A12 (Kamov KA-29 Helix) HB-ZFY

    SL version: Kamov KA-29 "Helix" (S&W) by Spijkers & Wingtips. Livestock recovering, Firefighting, Special Transportation.

Paint kits available from SilvinaWild, Rega SL.


In RL the Rega is a private, non-profit air rescue service that provides emergency medical assistance in Switzerland. Rega mainly assists with mountain rescues, though it will also operate in other terrains when needed, most notably during life-threatening emergencies.

As a non-profit foundation, Rega does not receive financial assistance from any government.

All Rega helicopters carry a crew of three: a pilot, a flight doctor and a paramedic who is also trained to assist the pilot for radio communication, navigation, terrain/object avoidance, and winch operations.

In real life Rega operates with 11 helicopters AgustaWestland Da Vinci A109, 7 Airbus Helicopters H145, 1 Airbus Helicopters H125 and 3 ambulance jets Bombardier Challenger 650.


  • HELOGrid Main Hub. Location in Second Life: Blair, Snowlands of Sansara.
    HELOGrid 1

    HELOGrid Main Hub

  • NorPhone: (562) 940 0400
  • Email:
  • Website: Rega SL
  • Flickr: Rega SL

Key peopleEdit


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