Raimondo Harbor (ICAO: SLRH ) located on the 'Raimondo' region of north-eastern Satori.

Landing Advisories

  • Runway no longer exists


Constructed in late February 2015, as the Bingo Strait International Airport which was located on a platform suspended at 60m elevation. Directly below the airport platform was an enclosed aircraft storage deck (reached by a freight elevator) and at sea-level was a large marina with rental docks. For departures and arrivals, the airport was equipped with a single 230m x 20m runway and four helipads (x3 rental, x1 public). Alongside the runway is an ATC tower, refueling facilities and a mid-sized terminal building with two public gates, eight rentable airline check-in desks and a passenger waiting lounge. It was announced on May 1, 2015, that due to griefer attacks and bad neighbors the airport would be closed.

In June of 2018 the land has been taken over by Sam Stable, Bull Hui, and Nicholas Philly. It will be reopened as a Sea-Plane Base, Heliport, and Freight Harbor. The sim will have connections to the GTFO Grid HQ, as well as Route 8. Bull and Nicholas are building the region which will also serve as the Headquarters for the SAR Group TTi, which serves the Blake Sea as well as ERIA. Bull Hui is a former Co-Owner of Archerfield Aerodrome. Nicholas is also the former Manager and Builder of WYC Executive Airfield.

Raimondo Harbor has no paved runway but is equipped with a 119m x 35m water runway, 10 helipads (x6 rental, x3 public, x1 SAR). At the end of the runway is an ATC tower with a small terminal building, 5 rentable airline check-in desks, and a lounge. The Harbor boasts a large Marina with x11 small boat slips, x3 medium boat slips, x3 yacht slips, x3 small seaplane slips, x3 medium seaplane slips. The Harbor also has 5 residential properties and x3 helipads that have an optional quonset hut, A Marina Bar, x5 commercial rental spaces. Along the Western seawall is the GTFO enabled Raimondo Terminal. Raimondo has a small network of roadways, and is connected to Bruissac Bay where you can find the GTFO World Headquarters, and can drive through for access to LL route 8!

As of October 19th 2018 Raimondo Harbor is no longer an airport, and has been cut down to half a region due to issues with partners in the venture. Raimondo Harbor remains open as a GTFO Hub, TTi Hedquarters, and Marina.


General facilities