Red Bull Pylon Racing, DayStar 001

Red Bull Pylon Racing - Is a civil Airport with and ICAO of RB04 and resides on an independent island sim of DayStar - See Entire List



About the Venue

Johnnynumberfive (with the help of many others) has created an addition to the growing number of air race venues within Second Life.  The venue is a full sized sim with a race course carefully designed for a broad range of pilot skills.

The Events

Time: 12:00 pm Sunday's SL time Location: 􀀒

To attract (and not deter) new pilots the gates have been set 2 meters wider than standard.  Small indiscretions such as hitting pylons are overlooked provided that the each checkpoint is triggered and the finish gate does not announce 'DISQUALIFIED".

Race Rules

* Pilots may come and practice anytime prior to events. However, the gates may not be in the same configuration on race days.

* A temporary rezzer is available at the venue

* Pilots please register with Johnnynumberfive prior to the events.

* Pilots will be drawn at random to fly 5 laps of the course (includes laps that gates are missed) - in other words, pilots will only be allowed a total of 6 passes through the start/finish gate.

*one pilot on the course at a time.

* pilots are respectfully asked to have their plane rezzed ready for their 5 laps to begin and to de-rez after completing their 5 laps.

* Gates are numbered as a suggestion. However, may be flown in any order.

* Only complete (un-disqualified) laps will be scored.

* Pilot rankings will be awarded as per the automated system for their personal best lap

For further information please contact Johnnynumberfive