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Retro Travel Airways is a non-profit vintage aircraft tour operator offering tours and charter flights around the Second Life Grid. Retro Travel Airways operates on the majority of mainland accessible continents.


Airports in Second Life® served by Retro Travel Airways include:


As of March 2016, the Retro Travel Airways was amalgamated along with YELLOW AIR TAXI & operates a varied fleet which can be seen in more detail on Gridnet airways page.


Flying from its main charter terminal at Tsurington Aerodrome (west of Nautilus), the airline serves all of Blake Sea, Corsica, Nautilus and Satori regions and has done from various locations since it began operating with its first DSA Electra back in 2011.

Operations Crew

  • Sweecahcahche Ah (Pilot Officer & CEO)
  • Khan Penucca (Pilot Officer)
  • Boots Shamrock (Pilot Officer)