Rising Phoenix Travel is a virtual airline and charter company in Second Life®. The company serves the Second Life® Grid with universal charter and regular flights between regional airports in the Blake Sea, Nautilus, Satori, and Sansara continents.


"The Phoenix is an ancient symbol of rebirth and renewal.  Plan your next holiday with us and return refreshed to the pressures of everyday SLife.  Arrive relaxed and ready to do business!"
Angela Gracemount, Owner of Rising Phoenix Travel.

Formed in late 2014, Rising Phoenix Executive Travel is described as "an exclusive flight service for discerning travellers and their families". Unlike other airlines, their services are exclusive to members of the Phoenix Executive Travel Group. Prospective passengers are encouraged to visit their Head Office at Unity Airport and use the provided group joiner.

The airline operates a universal charter service for group members to any location in the Second Life® grid with standard regular flights to selected destinations (see below for locations). The airline is available for flights whenever Rising Phoenix staff are online; passengers are encouraged to leave a message at their offices in-world if offline and they will be in touch as soon as possible.

Travel Partners

Rising Phoenix Travel flies alongside the following associate airlines:


Rising Phoenix Promo

A line-up of the Rising Phoenix staff including (from left to right) Valerie, Angela, Mick and Wally.

As well as operating a universal charter service, Rising Phoenix Travel also conducts standard regular flights to the following destinations:


Rising Phoenix Travel Airship (11-14)

Rising Phoenix's airship, moored at Cheerport Intermodal Airport (November 2014).

As of November 2014, the Rising Phoenix Travel fleet includes the following aircraft:


Fixed Wing Aircraft:

Rotary Wing Aircraft:

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