Rivers Bend Airstrip

Rivers Bend Airstrip

River's Bend Airstrip ICAO: SLRB is a small limited services strip deep in the heart of Sansara. Located in the region of Enceladus, it can be found just before the "snow lands" along the river the strip takes it's name from.

Rivers Bend Airstrip

Rivers Bend Airstrip

Landing advisories

95m Gravel Runway

Limited Wingspan on approach

Low Lying fog at night

Approach and landing

Approach to RBA is done close to the river's surface, limited by the wingspan of your plane. Heading WEST from Ice Bay, follow the river through it's chasm, descending while leaving yourself enough space for your wings. Once sighted, prepare for a small last moment turn to the left to line up on the unmarked gravel runway, and put her down. With 95 metres of runway at your disposal, any STOL plane should have more than enough room for runout.


River's Bend is an old airstrip. It's buildings are worn and in need of paint. The runway itself is of packed gravel, and the grass surrounding it is long and hides more than a few rabbits. Situated as it is between two mountains and just off of the River the airstrip takes it's name from, it is limited to small and tough "bush planes" and the pilots that love a good challenging adventure. Best described as "looking like it comes from that series 'worst places to be a pilot'"


Next to none. Three tie downs, a shed for cargo, and a larger building that houses a worn sofa, a warm stove, and a pot of coffee.

Scheduled services and airlines

No airlines currently service RBA, nor are any scheduled to do so. It is however, a GTFO Hub and does accept packages to and from the rest of Sansara

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